I made a classic Lolita dress!

Hello Lovelies!

I fell in love with Lolita fashion a couple months ago, specifically this dress. And no, it’s not that kind of Lolita. Here’s a great blog post that explains the confusing name. Lolita is a very feminine, with lots of ruffles, heavily Victorian influenced, and modest Japanese fashion. So basically, everything I love in dresses! There are tons of different styles of Lolita, but my favorite is classic Lolita. I have a whole pinterest board here if you want to see some of the gorgeous dresses I’ve found.

Anyways, I decided to take the plunge and try to draft a pattern for this dress. I originally was going to use this shirt pattern, and add on the skirt, but I sewed a test run and it failed horribly. So I threw that out the window, and made up my own. This was my first time completely making a pattern up on my own, and honestly I was so surprised it worked! I wrote out a rough tutorial on how I made the dress here.

But since it turned out so beautifully, I had to do a full out photo shoot in it!

See you next time! Pickedresses Prom dresses Canada

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