Hypnotic Skinssentials Haul

Good morning lovelies!

Hypnotic Skinssentials sent me a big package of products to try out, and originally there was going to be a video of bath demos and clips of me using the face mask and how to mix it up with yogurt, but my phone rebelled and recorded them with a super low frame rate so my video editing software basically went ewww and wouldn’t let me use them.

But I do still have a picture of the Cleopatra milk bath, it has dehydrated rose petals that plump up once they soak in hot water for a while, and the powder also makes the bath look cloudy which makes for a pretty combo.

You can watch me ramble about each one in the video below, I’m trying to incorporate more videos into posts, I’d love to hear if you’d like to see product reviews, makeup routines, or more nail tutorials.


Pop by again tomorrow!

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