How to find cheap quality clothes online and avoid scams!

Hello Lovelies!

Believe it or not, a couple years ago I never shopped online and bought practically everything at brick and mortar stores *gasp*! 

Nowadays, besides groceries and things like furniture,
95% of my shopping is done over the web. I used to be like the majority of people when shopping online; I was extremely suspicious of items with prices that seemed too good to be true, and rarely bought clothing online. This was in part due to the horror stories I heard, mainly YouTube hauls where women showcase their pile of “bargains” which usually turn out to be cheap faux versions of the gorgeous item of clothing they thought they were purchasing for a fraction of the price.

It seems like most people are turned off from shopping online, and  a lot of online clothing sites get an undeserved bad rap, probably due to people’s past bad experiences from buying off of either sites selling knockoff clothing, or low-quality foreign stores where the item usually ends up looking nothing like what was advertised. 

The straw that broke the camel’s back for me was shopping for swimsuits of all things! I love wearing bikinis, but it’s almost impossible for me to find a top and bottom of the same brand that both look cute together, and fit comfortably at the same time. 
If I go online, I can browse hundreds of suits and find the perfect pieces that are cheap, have a good fit, and are made from a fabric print that I actually like. 
This helped kill my bad habit of spending too much on something I settled for because it was the only one in my size on the shelf.

After having great luck with my swimsuit hunt I started springing for things like coats, dresses, and pants online. Some of the items below have been sent to me for review, but I would buy these again if my originals ever get really beaten up, I love them that much! The biggest reason I find myself browsing Amazon the most over other retailers is the reviews. I love looking at photo galleries of shots that customers have taken. Seeing one item on different body types is especially helpful, and you always get different angles than what the company used in their official listing. 

Here some loose guidelines to keep in mind while shopping around:

  • What is the material made of? 
  • Does it have at least 10+ reviews?
  • Are the reviews just star ratings, or do they have images and say what the customer thought of the item?
  • If you’re feeling suspicious of a listing, right-click the image and do a Google image search to make sure they did not steal images from another site!

I want to share my best finds from over the years with you, they’re all going to be from Amazon because sadly most of the sites I used to browse are no longer running or the items are out of stock due to being discontinued. Some of the links are affiliate links, this just means if you snag a deal through my link it will send some spare change my way to help keep this slice of the internet up and running 🙂

My go-to dress to feel like Miss Frizzle from the magic school bus.
A superb skirt for twirling.

Hedgehogs + Gozilla = a must have!

Lady Legolas?


Steampunk, but not too fancy to rock every day.

I’d love to see any of your best finds or maybe a risky purchase you might have made that turned out great! Shoot me a comment and let me know~

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