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How to DIY LUSH Big Shampoo

DIY Lush Big Recipe

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I’ve started a new habit of thoroughly checking out the ingredients of all beauty products before I hand over my wallet. The number one reason is to see if the price is sensible compared to the ingredients; and number two, to see if I can DIY it! I think this post is proof that I’ve been staying faithful to this ideology, at least for the most part!

Lush’s Big shampoo has an insanely simple ingredient list, and after trying out a sample last month, it leapt straight to the top of my to-do list.

DIY Lush Big Recipe


DIY Lush Big Recipe

To keep things simple I used my go-to shampoo (Herbal Essences Rose Hips) as the base of this recipe because I love the scent. 
To be honest, I eyeballed my measurements, so I don’t have an exact recipe for this first mixture. I used (roughly) one part shampoo, one part melted coconut oil, and three parts coarse sea salt.

You can use any shampoo, but I’ve found the salt amplifies the base scent, so if you’re planning on adding essential oils to personalize the scent, I would recommend using a neutral shampoo. If this didn’t come out with such a potent rose scent I would have added tea tree oil, but I don’t imagine those two would smell great together!

DIY Lush Big Recipe

After mixing it all up, I re-purposed this cute body wash container to store shampoo. You can use this straight away, but I’ve found that letting the salt soak up the shampoo overnight gives the best results.

The nearly 11 oz Lush original retails online for $29.95. I already had the shampoo and coconut oil on hand, so I only had to go out and buy the sea salt, but even if I did buy new containers of each ingredient I would have still only spent around $10.00!

DIY Lush Big Recipe


Benefits of Big Shampoo

This is great for stick straight hair like my own, but if you have issues with frizz, I would stay away from this one.

Below on the left is before using my Big dupe, and the right is the morning after. I took this picture before using any product, that’s straight after brushing my hair out in the morning. As you can see it gave me quite a bit of volume! 
Salt can be extremely tough on color treated hair, so I’m only using this 1-2 times a week. That’s been the only drawback I’ve discovered, otherwise, I would use this every day!

DIY Lush Big Recipe
Have you ever tried to dupe a beauty fave? I’d love to hear about it!
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