How I got nearly 100 polishes for six dollars!

Morning all!

Awesome thrift finds are one of my favorite things in the world, and when you combine polish with that, I’m over the moon!
I was trawling the goodwill bins in Portland, and they had a ton of weird grab bags for 6$ each, most were strange assemblies of stolen hotel soap or cleaning supplies, but I was lucky enough to find one chock full of polish!

There was a Color Workshop nail art set in the bag that I forgot to include in these pictures, but it just had a couple nail art stripers and some glitter gems.

I got quite the odd assortment, there’s everything from Zoya, Revlon Parumerie, Essie, Stila (I didn’t know they even made nail polish), and twelve bottles of Sally Hansen Triple Shine.
Shockingly I didn’t get any dupes for my own stash, but there were a couple duplicates in the bag itself. I got five of L.A Colors Color Craze Scream!

Pop by again sometime!

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