Ultimate Hedgehog Shopping List

Hedgehog Shopping List

Hello Lovelies!

If you’ve ever visited my Insta page, you would know I’m a tad infatuated with anything hedgehog related. If I had unlimited funds, and the power to eliminate guilt related to wasting money on frivolous purchases, this would be my hedgehog shopping list. I actually own quite a few of these, I really need to stop buying graphic t-shirts because I already have an entire dresser drawer full of ’em. It’s so hard to resist these cute and punny shirts!

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The Ultimate Hedgehog Wish List For Hedgie Lovers

Starting with hedgehog clothing!


The struggle is real hedgehog t-shirt.

The Struggle Is Real T-ShirtIn case of emotional breakdown, place hedgehog here.

Hedgehog T-Shirt

For that special GOT hedgie nerd:

Game of Thrones Hedgehog

Surfs up! Hedgehogs like to swim too!

Hedgehog T-Shirt

Hedgehog Shopping Home Decor!

I’m just a little on hedge today. Unfortunately, my office only allows spill-proof cups at our desks, otherwise, this would totally live by my computer.

Hedgehog Coffee Mug

Anatomy of a Hedgehog Throw Pillow.

Hedgehog Throw Pillow
Off to work! Now, this Hedgehog travel mug could definitely keep me company at work.
Hedgehog cupI desperately need these hedgehog measuring cups to come live in my kitchen.  They look a tad difficult to use, but they’re too cute to pass up!

Hedgie Measuring Cups

Are there any cute animals that make your heart go pitty-pat but make your wallet weep? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!
Hedgehogs, narwhals, parakeets, and mermaids seem to be my main weaknesses (yes I’m counting mermaids as an animal). Sanrio has zillions of cute plushies that I’m constantly trying to resist plopping into my virtual shopping cart.

If you know of any other nifty hedgehog shopping spots, hook me up please!

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  1. I LOVE hedgehogs! They’re just the cutest little things! That “Place Hedgehog Here” is something that I NEED in my life. How convenient that my birthday is coming up. 😉 Wish list, here I come. x

  2. How stinking cute! So are hedgehogs the new llamas now?? Loving all these cute pieces

  3. Omg I love the hedgehog coffee cup so much! I’m obsessed with flamingos…it used to be owls. They have really cute hedgehog ornaments at Pier 1! Just FYI!

    1. Next stop, Pier 1!

  4. Omigosh! I think hedgehogs are SOOOO cute. My friend Kim has one named Piper and she’s adorable but doesn’t like to be held and apparently, those quills hurt! LOL! I loved looking through your list! This is awesome! OMG. Now I want one! A real one! So thanks for that 🙂

    1. Haha, they can be a tad “pokey” if they’re not a good mood :p

  5. These are all sooo cute! my daughter loves hedgehogs, I ‘ll have to save this for Christmas time!

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