Hard Candy Glamoflauge Ivory vs.Porcelain

Good morning lovelies!

I started using the Glamoflauge line back in October, and at first I was so ecstatic to finally have a shade pale enough for my skin, but then I came to the realization that the shade Porcelain is actually too light for me.
So I got the next shade up, which is Ivory, and it turns out to be the exact right color for me!
Ivory has a pinker toned base than Porcelain, and the durability is exactly the same as the prior, I have a full review on Porcelain here.
When I wear Porcelain it’s super obvious when it rubs off around my nose and mouth, I’ve been sniffly lately, and blowing my nose every two seconds isn’t very kind to makeup. So I’m attempting to not smear off all my foundation by the end of the day, and having the correct shade will definitely help my end product!

Pop over again tomorrow morning!

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