Jack o’ Lantern Nails w/ Born Pretty

Halloween Stamped Nails

First Halloween nails of the year!

October is simply not long enough to satisfy my immense craving for Halloween nail art so I’m getting a head start this year! If stores are going to shove Christmas crap in my face this early in the year, I feel compelled to squeeze every drop out of the Halloween season (the best season) that I possibly can. Born Pretty enabled my creepy nail art addiction by sending me some new creepy stamping plates.

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Halloween Nail Stamping Plate

This is the BP-L005 stamping nail plate.  I love plates that mix single images, full coverage designs, and a mish-mash image. That clump of interlocking characters in the center of the plate is what I call a mish-mash. You can easily create dozens of different designs by stamping in a slightly different place on the plate, I especially enjoy using the mish-mash for my accent nail.

Black White Stamped Nails

Mani Ingredients:

I also created the manicure below using the same plate but different images. It’s amazing how many different ways you can use just one plate! I used the same polish to stamp with as the first mani and the gorgeous pastel green is KB Shimmer Daisy About You. I got a kick out of using this preppy spring polish in my Halloween mani, the purple and green hex glitters were screaming to be used in a witchy design.

Pastel Witch Goth Nails

Born Pretty makes some of my favorite nail stamping plates, and at $3-5 bucks a pop you can’t beat them! If you ever order a plate you can use my code: ALEE10 to get 10% off your entire order!

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