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Guest post: Loz from Polish and Patterns

Hi everyone,
I’m honored to be here doing this guest post for Alexandria while she’s away. When she first emailed me I was a little stumped as to what to do for her GEEK theme… decided on some pencil nail art!

I went through my polishes to first decide on which to use.. pencils can be any colour!
I began with a base coat of COLOUR by TBN ~ Yellow, using a thin nail brush I added the stripes/pencil shape with boe ~ Orange Citrus. {You could use a dotting tool or similar to draw the lines if you don’t have nail art brushes}I then painted the bright silver metal part of the pencil using a w7 polish.. {has no name sorry!} At first I used Ulta3 ~ Pink Hibiscus for the ‘eraser’ part of the pencil but found it a little bright so added a single coat of Sinful Colours ~ Starfish over the top 🙂

It didn’t quite look finished so I again used the thin brush to add some darker lines to the ‘metal’ part with China Glaze ~ Awaken. Finished! {Add a topcoat to prolong your mani.}
I like the mottled look of the two pinks on the ‘eraser’.. and in case you’re all wondering, yes.. my pointer nail has a rather large dent in it! My nail beneath is missing a few layers in one spot.. just looks like someone chewed the end of the pencil, right? 🙂

I hope you like this manicure, and thanks to Alexandria for being a guest on your blog!
Loz x


These are brilliant! Thanks so much to Loz for guesting, she has a wonderful nail art blog called Polish and Patterns, and I highly recommend taking a look around!

Thanks for reading!

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