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Guest post from Dani a.k.a Dani’s Manis

Hi everyone! Dani here! I am super excited to be guest blogging today, I think this is the first guest post I’ve ever done! At first I was worried I wouldn’t be able to come up with anything good nail art wise as my muse has been on vacation lately, but then I remembered that Doctor Who is back. Problem solved! All I did for this one was let my inner whovian loose on my nails. After three or four failed attempts at other Doctor Who things, I had success with this TARDIS in the clouds!

I ended up using Pahlish – Over the Rhone(Bespoke Batch) as a base, it seemed like the perfect choice for a night sky look. The flakies in it do a great job resembling stars if you ask me, hahaha. The rest of the nail art stuff was done with 4 colors of acrylic paint(white, black, royal blue, and periwinkle).

I won’t say too much about Doctor Who because I’d like to keep it spoiler free for y’all in case you haven’t had a chance to watch yet, but I will say that I think Peter Capaldi is going to be a fantastic Doctor, and I can’t wait to see what this season has in store for him!

If you want to check out some of my other nail art/read more of my ramblings, you can visit my blog at http://danismanis.wordpress.com, my instagram at www.instagram.com/danilouwho, or my tumblr at http://danilouwho.tumblr.com

Thanks for reading! <3

I still haven’t been able to watch the new episode, somehow I forgot to record it! But these nails make me feel better, haha. Thanks so much for guesting Dani!
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