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Guest post from Batmomo a.k.a Pokenailart

Hello everyone ! I’m Batmomo from the blog Pokénailart. I am extremely happy that Alexandria offered me the opportunity to show you a bit of my world ! :p

So, the manicure that I did for you was inspired by my all-time favourite anime, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo ! In this anime, bald men have taken control of the world, and want to shave everybody’s hair, but Bobobo- fights against them !

The humor in this anime is really special, so I guess it’s not for everybody. During his fight, Bobobo- regularly dresses as a girl, for unknown reasons, and that’s how I wanted to paint him. I also drew flowers, stars and hearts, because that’s what you can see in the background when he’s fighting dressed as a girl… haha

I hope you’ll like this weird manicure !

Bye everyone !

Thanks so much Batmomo, these nails certainly gave me a laugh 🙂 Check out her blog Pokenailart here, she has a ton of awesome anime nail art, and about everything else under the sun!
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