Pilaten Collagen Mask Review

Pilaten Collagen Mask


You know how people talk about reaching milestones in relationships like wearing your ratty sweatpants around your significant other or getting ready in the morning together when you’re still a half-asleep grumpy zombie?

I’m of the opinion that if you can wander the house in a full sheet mask looking a bit like Michael Meyers without getting a second glance, you’re in a different ballpark (⌒▽⌒) The new Zombie Pack face mask from Hanacure I’ve been wanting to try might test this, even I’m a little grossed out by how the results look!

Pilaten Collagen Mask

I don’t consider these collagen masks from Pilaten to be too eye-catching, but it’s hard to have your mouth basically taped shut for twenty minutes while using the lip mask!
Pilaten’s PR was lovely enough to send me a big packet of their Collagen Eye Mask and Collagen Lip Mask to review. These are infused with collagen, aloe vera, and real gold. 

Ever since the mercury dropped this winter, my lips have been terribly chapped no matter how often I slap on lip balm. I was shocked when this lip mask actually lent me some relief, I usually save pamper items like these to use a few times a month, but I burned through a few in a week!

The formula is identical between the lip and eye product. I didn’t notice as much of a result after using the eye mask, but I’ve never run into problems with dark circles or bags so I don’t have much to work on in that area.

If you do ever check out Pilaten’s website here’s a coupon: Golden10 to get 10% off your cart 🙂


Pilaten Collagen Mask

What’s your favorite type of face mask to relax with?

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