Ghibli Universe Nail Art with Born Pretty Nail Art Brushes

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I was sent some snazzy new nail art brushes to try out from Born Pretty, and since I’ve been on a Studio Ghibli kick lately, I freehanded some various creatures from the Ghibli universe to test them out.

Right to left is a soot sprite holding a chunk of coal, No-Face, Calcifer, the mini forest sprites from My Neighbor Totoro, and Totoro himself. They were inspired by this doodle I found on tumblr. My base is China Glaze Oxygen with a very thin layer of China Glaze Liquid Crystal dabbed over. The creatures were done with a mixture of polish and acrylic, and I finished off with a shiny topcoat.

Here are the brushes themselves, there are two liners, a square brush, and a short detailer, that’s the one I used for these nails. I did all my detailing with that one brush, the only other thing I used was a dotting tool for Calcifer’s eyes. I love the floral pattern on the handles, and they came with protective plastic tips so they won’t get banged up in my nail accessory case. The bristles cleaned up very nicely with nail polish remover. I think these will be a wonderful addition to my nail art arsenal! Here’s a link to their product page if ya wanna check them out. And here’s a 10% off code just for you: ALBK31

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