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Finger Paints Tails of Love swatches and review

Hello Lovelies!

I went into Sally’s a couple days ago because I heard they were having an awesome clearance sale, sadly it was only on the weekend, but I did pick up this pretty polish! This is Finger Paints Tails of Love, I actually didn’t know it was a texture polish when I first got it, I just saw the color and went “I need that”!

This is two coats of Tails of Love, it’s from the 2014 Enchanted Mermaid collection. The color really reminds me of Wet n Wild’s bijou blue, I used it as a base in this mani. I really like the fish scale feel to these, with full blown texture polish I always feel like they’re going to catch on things, but since these are only a little bit rough I can deal with it.
I’ve read a ton of bad reviews of these polishes, and how their application was terrible, but I had no problems whatsoever. It took a while to dry all the way, but was dry enough to touch after five minutes.
I probably won’t get any of the other polishes in the Enchanted Mermaid collection, I mostly got this because I thought the blue was really pretty and didn’t look similar to any other polishes I’d seen before.

Thanks for reading!

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