Eucon cosplay adventures

Hello Lovelies!

I have a quick photo dump from last weekend’s Eucon down in Eugene, and my first pic has a kinda funny story, I came to the con with a friend, and I was cosplaying Wendy from Gravity Falls, and she was Nepeta from Homestuck. Less than two minutes after we get in and pay admission, we found this pair! The odds of finding another Nepeta and Wendy… (and they had come together to the con as well!), I think this pic was meant to be~

I fangirled a bit over this Jareth and Sarah

The absolute most adorable little Steven!

An amazingly creepy Coraline duo

Carlos and Cecil

I was able to listen in on Jim Beaver’s q&a panel

And I’ll leave you with this funny little snippet from Jim’s panel, it’s actually the only thing I filmed that day!

See you later~

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