Essie Mind Your Mittens & Merci Boku stamping

Hello Lovelies!

I found a bunch of cheap Essie polishes at Grocery Outlet of all places, they were only 2.99 each! For these nails I started off with two coats of Essie Mind Your Mittens, it’s a blackened navy creme that’s totally opaque in two coats. I frequently hear people saying they steer clear of Essie because their formulas are watery and need tons of coats to become opaque, but Mind Your Mittens is a fantastic creme that applies beautifully.

I stamped with Essie Merci Boku, that’s such a cute name! It’s a bleached copper shimmer, and I was surprised by how well it stamped, usually shimmers don’t play well with thin stamping designs. I used Bundle Monster plate BM-406.

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