DIY Chalkboard Computer Desk


My work recently got rid of a bunch of office furniture and let the employees have their pick before it was taken to be thrown away. This desk had been sitting out front of the building for a couple weeks; I had no interest in it whatsoever because it looked huge and kinda ugly. But the BF managed to convince me to let him cart it home after a few days of wheedling. (Yes, it will fit in the truckI’ll make squeeze it down the apartment’s staircase, and no it’s not too big)

My one condition in having this take up a good chunk of real estate in my living room was that I could paint, glue, or decorate it with whatever design I wanted 🙂

I’ve done a lot of research into making DIY chalkboard paint because I love the idea of making furniture chalkable, but I was afraid that using this as a computer desk would be too rough on the paint. I found big rolls of chalkboard vinyl at our local craft shop for 7.99 each, which solved my durability worries, and plus I don’t have to worry about paint fumes messing with the hedgehog.

It took a fair bit of tetris to make the two rolls of vinyl cover the entire curved table top, but I managed it!

I’m definitely going to have fun drawing on this in the future!

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