Depot your cluttered makeup into one palette!

depot makeup into palette

Hello Lovelies!

As you can see below, I have scads of eyeshadow palettes. But what you can’t tell from this mess, is I only use one or two shades from each palette….

I decided to use some of my time off this weekend to comb through this mess, pick out the colors I’m actually likely to use, and make a diy Z-Palette. A Z-Palette is an empty makeup palette with magnetic backing, you can stick any metallic makeup pan in the container. 
depot makeup declutter organize

First off I chose the shades I wanted to keep and set aside any duplicates and some older products that needed to be tossed.

Then I used a pin to wedge some floss in between the makeup pan and the plastic palette and I was able to pop them all out by wiggling the floss back and forth.
If you have a pan that’s tough to pop out, I have also seen people use a straightening iron to briefly heat up the bottom of the palette to loosen the glue holding the pan down.

depot makeup declutter organize
depot makeup declutter organize
I used an old Hard Candy eyeshadow box as my base. I bought the adhesive magnetic sheets from my local craft store and I was able to easily cut them down to size to line the bottom of the box.

I even had room to add a bronzer, highlighter, and some concealers! This will be really nifty when my next cosplay convention rolls around, it’ll be a huge relief to ditch my humungous makeup bag in place for this tiny container. 

I’m planning on buying a few empty palettes off of Amazon so that I can create specialized kits for my more elaborate cosplays. It’ll be a lifesaver to not worry about forgetting a specific product when packing up for a weekend away.

depot makeup declutter organize

Would you be willing to ditch all your clunky packaging in exchange for an easy palette? Let me know!

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