Covergirl tru-blend Foundation Classic Beige Review

Hello Lovelies!

I have a quick review for you today! I’ve been looking for a new foundation, and since I have very pale skin it’s been a pain finding one! I was scoping out Big Lots for polishes when I saw these, they had a couple shades of the Covergirl tru-blend foundations. This was the lightest shade they had, and since it was only three bucks I figured why not give it a try?

This actually matches my skin tone almost perfectly, and has pretty decent coverage. It’s very easy to blend, and almost soaks into the skin, but not in a bad way! And I love that it comes in a pump so you don’t waste as much product when you’re trying to get it out of the bottle. This is in the shade classic beige 2, and it’s a pink toned formula, I didn’t realize that I’d been using yellow toned foundations, and I think that’s a big part of why it’s taken me so long to find a decent one. I’m going to be going back to Big Lots asap to try to snag another bottle, I’m not going to beat this price anytime soon!

Thanks for reading!

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