Coral curvy stripes & BPS ribbon decals

Hello Lovelies!

Do you ever have a bad nail day? I think they’re the evil twin of bad hair days, but somehow way more frustrating. Originally these nails were going to have a gradient, but somehow I screwed that up so badly that I had bald patches. Then I tried for a distressed nail design since I already had the polishes for my gradient out, but that also bombed. So I just took everything off, and freehanded some simple curvy stripes. And they actually came out decently, usually when I’m at that deep state of nail failure everything looks horrible.

These started with a base of OPI Alpine Snow, then I added the stripes with Wet n Wild Wild Shine Blazed & Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Petal Pusher. The glitter is The Color Workshop Gold Digger, and then I added some Born Pretty water decals on the bare spaces at the top of each nail. I didn’t topcoat over the decals because I didn’t want to chance them smearing. I actually wore these nails for quite a while, those bows are too cute!

Here’s the product page for the bows if you want to check them out, they come in a couple different styles, and they’re super cheap, I’ll be able to get a bunch of different sets of nails from the one sheet of decals! If you ever order anything from Born Pretty, this code is good for 10% off your order: ALBK31

See you later!

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