Color Club Savoy Nights Monochromatic Nails

Hello Lovelies!

Today’s theme in the 31DC2015 is monochromatic; I went with a blue color scheme but tried to keep it simple! I started off with a base of NYC In A New York Color Minute Robin’s Egg Blue and then topped that with Color Club Savoy Nights. Savoy Nights is a satin blue and silver glitter bomb in a blue tinted jelly base, you might be able to layer it up on it’s own, but that’s more glitter than I want!

I freehanded a little heart on my middle finger with RGB Minty, it doesn’t show up up clearly in the pics because I took these way too late at night with just my desk lamp :/
Yesterday I broke a nail right down to the quick so sadly these are the last long nails you’re going to see for a while, I’m rocking nubbins now. Hopefully I’ll be able to grow them back to my long almonds!

Thanks for the visit!

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