Color Club Creme & Glitter Topper Swatches

Hello Lovelies!

I have a bunch of Color Club swatches for you today! Usually I’d start off with the cremes, but these glitters are just so gorgeous!

Go-Go Green is a glitter topper with white, lime green, and aqua hex glitters and aqua and lime green micro glitters. It’s packed with glitters so there is no fishing what so ever, this is one coat and I was trying to go a bit thin with it! Before top coat it’s a bit gritty, but it’s fine after.

This is Fame & Fortune! I layered it over a bright red creme so it’s hard to tell, but this is a berry pink jelly with holographic shard glitters. This is one coat, and I had to dab a bit to get the glitters where I wanted them. The glitters in this don’t want to lay flat so I have a couple places on my nail where it wants to snag on things, but I think if I was more persistent with my top coating it would be fine.

And now for the cremes! This is La Petite Mint-Sieur, isn’t that a cute name? It’s a very pale pastel pistachio green, and I love minty greens like this so I’m very fond of this one! This is three coats with no top coat.

I was happily surprised by this one! Reddy Or Not is a very bright firetruck red, and it’s a one coater! I haven’t had such a great one coater in forever, and plus when I cleaned up around my cuticles it didn’t bleed like bright reds tend to do. And it has a nice glossy finish so this would be a great polish if you’re just trying to do some quick nails before you head out. This is with no top coat.

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