CICI&SISI Golden Stamper Review

Good morning lovelies!

I have a quick review for you today, I got the CICI & SISI stamper set for Christmas, and I wanted to give you guys a quick rundown of what I think of them and how they’ve been working for me!
It came with a dark gray and white stamping head, scraper, and metal holder. The gray is very firm, it has a little more give than the original Konad stamping head, and the white one is a firm marshmallow. White didn’t need any priming, but the gray does, just haven’t got around to it yet. I’ve gotten so used to using super squishy stamping heads that the hard one was almost impossible to use for me at first, I had to go re-learn how to stamp with them again (thanks youtube!).
I love that the holder has some heft to it, it’s solid metal and surprisingly heavy. The scraper is pretty standard, but it did make me realize how much a difference a clean scraper makes. I use old gift cards most of the time, and I try to thoroughly clean them off, but after awhile dried residue builds up, and then your image doesn’t scrape as perfectly as it can.

Pop by again tomorrow~

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