Ciate London Dolls House Nail Swatches

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I’ve gotten into the habit of taking pictures of nail polish swatches before starting my nail designs, so I decided to start a new series of posts here on the blog, Sunday Swatches! For the first post in this series, I’m swatching part of the Ciate London Dolls House Collection. I found it at Burlington Coat Factory for 4.98, the box was crinkled and banged up so I think that’s why it was marked so low.

It has five different pastel polishes, Doll Face, Poppet, Baby Doll, Paper Doll, and Sweet Pea. They call them “Porcelain Powdery Textured Polishes”. These are extremely matte polishes that dry quickly, and they’re all creme finishes.

They come in a cute little package that looks like a doll house, it has a flap on the front that opens up so you can see the polishes all lined up pretty. Shown below is Sweet Pea, a very pale cucumber green, and Poppet which is a pale lavender. I used three coats for both, since these have such an intense matte finish it actually gave me some trouble in application, so I smoothed things out with a shiny topcoat. I forgot to take pictures of them while they were still matte….

Baby Doll is a pale pastel peach pink (say that five times fast!), I also used three coats and a shiny topcoat with this one. I think I can use this as a base for a lot of different nail designs, I’m always looking for new nude/beige polishes like this.

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