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5 Easy Ways To Instantly Improve Your Instagram

Hi there! One of my main goals for 2018 is to put a decent chunk of time into fine tuning my Instagram and also into improving my photography! I’m not too worried about gaming Insta’s algorithm since it changes every other day, but I am focusing […]

Level Up Your Photography Game

Hello!Today I’m want to share a couple ways that I’ve improved my photo taking method over the years, and how I get inspiration for keeping my style of photography fresh and interesting!The area I feel I’ve shown the most improvement in is lighting. I’ve always […]

Behind the scenes: How I edit nail art pictures, videos, and how I put together posts

Morning all~Today I’ve got a quick rundown on how I put together my posts, edit pictures, and videos. If I missed anything, just leave a comment and ask away!VideosI don’t make videos very often, because compared to a picture tutorial they’re a major pain, but […]

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