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Happy (belated) Valentines Day! 0

Happy (belated) Valentines Day!

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Shimmering Creme Floral 0

Shimmering Creme Floral

Morning all!I’ve decided to start trying bolder color combos, I feel like my colors schemes have been pretty blah lately, so today I put together two radically different shades, and I think it turned...

Fairy Flower Crowns 0

Fairy Flower Crowns

Morning all!I’ve had this flower crown gathering dust on my polish cabinet for weeks, and god knows I’m never going to actually wear it, so to give it some well deserved attention, I whipped...

Neapolitan Gradient 0

Neapolitan Gradient

Morning all!These are some test run nails I did while making my diy Simply Peel, I basically grabbed the polishes that were closest to hand, because I focused on testing my peel off concontion,...

I walked with you once upon a dream 0

I walked with you once upon a dream

Morning!While sorting through the pics I took of this design I realized this looks just like an outfit of Princess Aurora, and the name Rose Gold Digger suits her as well since she’s originally known...

Neon Geometric Double Stamping 0

Neon Geometric Double Stamping

Morning all!I got the inspiration for this mani from a nail account on IG, and I was sure I bookmarked the post or at least pinned it on Pinterest, but I can’t track it...

Salon Perfect Neon Pop Collection Swatches 0

Salon Perfect Neon Pop Collection Swatches

Hello Lovelies! I have some swatches of the new Neon Pop Collection by Salon Perfect to show you today! First up is Mer-Made of Money, and I’ll admit I mostly got this one because...

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