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Hey nubbins, long time no see

Morning all!This is my first mani after the big chop, it feels so strange having short nails, I haven’t had them this short in over a year! It’s kinda nice to start fresh again, I’m constantly being asked how I got them so long, so I […]

Raindrops keep falling on my head

Morning all!I’ve pulled my nail vinyls from the deep depths of my polish hoard once again, these are from the webshop Zanthara!These started off with a base of OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts, then after applying the vinyls I went in with Wet n Wild Garnet […]

Neon Geometric Double Stamping

Morning all!I got the inspiration for this mani from a nail account on IG, and I was sure I bookmarked the post or at least pinned it on Pinterest, but I can’t track it down for the life of me 🙁 It was double stamped […]

Geeks Unite Nails with BM-602

Good morning lovelies!This plate is the main reason I purchased this particular Bundle Monster set, the set has a ton of awesome images, but this one was definitely the clincher.These nails started with a base of Wet n Wild Garnet! My Heel Broke, and I […]

Frosted Plastic Flamingos

Good morning lovelies!I created another mani using Hehe006, Lady Queen sent it to me to test and review a while back. I love subtle floral designs like this, although I think I might have gone too subtle this time around, my glitter seems to have swallowed […]

That is mahogany!

 Hello Lovelies!I haven’t participated in a nail challenge in sooo long; I decided to jump into Aiyoohehe’s challenge last minute, I always like seeing how creative I can be with themes, and this has some great ones! Everyone who participates will get a 20% code for […]

Vampy Velvet

Hello Lovelies! Instagram has been flooded with dark vampy “velvet” nails, and I just love the look of matte dark nails, so I broke out my matte topcoat for the first time in ages! I should really try out some different brands of matte topcoat, […]

Arabian nights, beneath Arabian moons

Hello Lovelies! I saw a re-make of these nails on Cubbiful, and I’ve tracked down the original design here at Let’s Nail Moscow. I’ve always loved the old style of buildings with rounded tops and steeples, so I had to re-create these myself. These started with a […]

Let’s run away and join the circus

Hello Lovelies! I’ve had quite a few stamping fails in the past couple weeks because I keep picking colors that don’t contrast enough, so my stamping doesn’t show up at all, or it ends up looking very subtle. So I’ve decided to try painting some […]

All that glitters isn’t gold

Hello Lovelies!I’ve been wanting to do a full set of nails with OPI Oy-Another Polish Joke ever since I did my St. Patrick’s nails, so I went with some tribal stamping to really show off this fantastic gold to it’s full potential!  I got a […]

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