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Kocostar Fruit Slice Mask Sheet

Hello Lovelies! A new breed of face mask has popped into the beauty blogosphere, slice face masks! I first stumbled upon these in my Instagram feed, they were created by a Korean company called Kocostar. Affiliate links below, this just means if you snag a […]

Louboutin Watermelons

Good morning lovelies!I’ve just now realized that Louboutin style nails are actually really easy to do with my nail length, I haven’t done a design like this in years, last time I had much shorter tips, and they were a major pain.I went for an […]

Orange you glad to see these nails?

Hello Lovelies!I’ve got a bright almost summery design to show you today, but it’s actually snowing for the first time this year! But as you may have noticed already, I’m never very seasonally appropriate. Oh and a bit of news, I changed my instagram handle […]

Down by the bay, where the watermelons grow

Hello Lovelies! I have a board on pinterest where I pin drawings, food, animals, and random cute things that I might draw inspiration from for nail art designs, and this little guy has been sitting in it for months.I have a thing for cute sentient […]

Textured Watermelon Nail Art Tutorial

Hello Lovelies! I’m trying to use my textured polishes more, and I came up with this watermelon design! I started off with a base of Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Pink Sprinkle, and then I went in and added the green rind. Then I just used […]

Trying stamping decals for the first time with Color Club Tru Passion

Hello Lovelies! Today’s theme is decals! I’ve never made decals before so there was a bit of trial and error before I got something I was happy with, for some reason I couldn’t get the decals to peel off when I did them on a […]

OMD2 grapefruit gradients

Hello Lovelies! It’s day 24 of the OMD2 challenge and today’s theme is fruit! I used one of my favorite Wistonia plates for this; W118. I love this one because it could be oranges, lemons, or grapefruit, so I’m able to use it in a […]

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