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Fairy Flower Crowns

Morning all!I’ve had this flower crown gathering dust on my polish cabinet for weeks, and god knows I’m never going to actually wear it, so to give it some well deserved attention, I whipped together this glittery gradient inspired by it~I started with a gradient […]

Van Gogh’s Sunflowers

Hello Lovelies! I was very into Vincent Van Gogh when I was around 12, I had coloring books, art books, a Starry Night blanket, and I still have a framed print of Starry Night over my bed. I’ve done nail art inspired by him before, […]

Flower frosting

Hello Lovelies! I picked these dried flowers up at Sally Beauty’s half off red tag sale a couple days ago, only 12 flowers came in the little tin, but I got it for .80 cents so it worked out nicely in the end!I started these […]

We are the crystal gems

Hello Lovelies! Although I do love the new Aiyoohehe plates to death, I am glad to be through my series of reviews on them and back to some fun freehand nail art! Steven Universe is my new obsession, so it was bound to pop up […]

In the springtime, the only pretty ring time

Hello Lovelies! I wanted to keep L.A Colors Color Craze Spring Flirt on for a bit longer, so I used it as a base for these cute 3D nail decorations I received from Born Pretty! These are interesting little flowers, they’re not hard plastic, they’re actually […]

Do you suppose she’s a wildflower?

Hello Lovelies! Today’s theme is rainbows, I wanted to go with something besides the obvious, so I did a subtle rainbow design by painting a rainbow of flowers across my nails! These were all inspired by real flowers, from left to right starting with my […]

Pastel flower silhouettes

Hello Lovelies! I’ve had the idea for this mani knocking around in my brain for a couple days, and it actually turned out the way I pictured it!Believe it or not there’s a gradient hiding in there, before I added the black detailing it was […]

Hello my deer~

Hello Lovelies! Happy Thanksgiving! I’m a bit sick of the usual turkey nail art I usually pull out for the holiday, so went in a totally different direction with some vaguely autumn-ish nail art! My nails are loosely inspired by these nails by @newlypolished. I […]

Guest post from Ina a.k.a My Nail Polish Online

Hi, I’m Ina from My Nail Polish Online and I’m here with a guest post while Alexandria is on a trip having a good time 🙂I want to show you today a nail art based on a gradient done with a couple of Kiko polishes […]

OMD2 black and white roses

Hello Lovelies! It’s day 25 of the OMD2 challenge and today’s theme is roses! These didn’t come out quite like I hoped, I can never get black and white designs to not bleed, but I didn’t have time to redo them so this is what […]

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