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Mini Thrifty Haul

Hello! One of my favorite thrift shops held a 50% sale on President’s Day and I wanted to show off a few of the pieces I got!You can’t see it unless you get up close and personal, but this jacket has a subtle snakeskin shimmer print […]

Pastel Matte Florals

Morning all!I was in a pastel matte mood, used the polishes nearest to hand, and it didn’t end up looking too shabby! I just now noticed I have some cat hairs stuck to the edge of my nail, hopefully the pretty glitter outshines them, haha. […]

Hey nubbins, long time no see

Morning all!This is my first mani after the big chop, it feels so strange having short nails, I haven’t had them this short in over a year! It’s kinda nice to start fresh again, I’m constantly being asked how I got them so long, so I […]

I’ve finally embraced sheer nail art!

Morning all!I’ve steered clear of any negative space or sheer nail art because my nails are rather stained from my numerous nail art adventures, but as Simply Nailogical so eloquently explained in her Why yellow nails DON’T MATTER video/rant, I decided I don’t care if they […]

I walked with you once upon a dream

Morning!While sorting through the pics I took of this design I realized this looks just like an outfit of Princess Aurora, and the name Rose Gold Digger suits her as well since she’s originally known as Briar Rose. I think there are even some roses hiding […]

Rosy Vintage Floral Nail Tutorial

Good morning lovelies!I’m still in a matte stamping mood, and these were the result of playing around with old polishes and my new stamper that BPS gave me to test out.It’s a marshmallow stamper, I love that it’s double ended with different sizes, and I […]

Matte to Metallic Floral

Good morning lovelies!I’ve been experimenting with different finishes of polish lately, these nails have a matte base and then I stamped with a metallic shimmer. I didn’t use topcoat, and somehow I think the stamping pops more because of it?These started with a base of […]

Speckled Floral with BM-724

Good morning lovelies!I was playing around with my Bundle Monster Mochi stamper, and I basically just looked for the stamping image with the thinnest lines I could find, because I wanted to really put it to the test. It stamped really well, and picked up […]

Henna with a mani to match!

I went the traditional route with my henna Good morning lovelies!I got to playing around with henna last Saturday while staying over at a friend’s for the weekend, and I was surprised by how many designs I was able to make with just one cone, […]

Sweet dreams are made of this

Hello Lovelies!I finally got all my manis done and posted over on my Instagram for #aiyoohehe20off! I ended up posting six or seven designs today just to get them in before the deadline, but I will be doing full posts for each one over here on […]

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