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Thermal Fun

Morning all!I’d forgotten how fun thermal polishes are, I haven’t played around with one since December!This is from the same line polishes from BPS, this is #8 from Blue Sky.It’s a bright cotton candy pink while warm, and then blackened chestnut brown when cold. Pop […]

L’oreal Hidden Gems

Morning all~ I was making a polish run at Walgreens to see if they had any of the new Wet n Wild Nail Tints yet, and I found this lovely L’oreal on clearance for 3.98, so she had to come home with me. This is […]

Cloudy Violet Fractals

Morning!I felt like using a “fun” polish, so I brought out a thermal from BPS, but it was too cold to make the shift from purple to blue, so it ended up looking a ‘lil drab. I only wore these for two days, so I never […]

Mad Man in a Box

Good morning lovelies!This is officially my favorite stamping plate of all time, it’s got Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Sherlock, and even a bonus Serenity ship!I’ve done a mani showcasing the HP stamps, now it’s time for a Doctor Who collection!These started with Polish Me Silly Love […]

That is mahogany!

 Hello Lovelies!I haven’t participated in a nail challenge in sooo long; I decided to jump into Aiyoohehe’s challenge last minute, I always like seeing how creative I can be with themes, and this has some great ones! Everyone who participates will get a 20% code for […]

Vampy Velvet

Hello Lovelies! Instagram has been flooded with dark vampy “velvet” nails, and I just love the look of matte dark nails, so I broke out my matte topcoat for the first time in ages! I should really try out some different brands of matte topcoat, […]

No eating here tonight, you’re on a diet!

Hello Lovelies! These nails were originally going to be very cool indeed, because I got my hands on one of those NFC light up stickers, and I was going to make miss anglerfish’s lure light up, but my sticker refused to co-operate so I ended […]

Essie Mind Your Mittens & Merci Boku stamping

Hello Lovelies! I found a bunch of cheap Essie polishes at Grocery Outlet of all places, they were only 2.99 each! For these nails I started off with two coats of Essie Mind Your Mittens, it’s a blackened navy creme that’s totally opaque in two […]

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