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Fresh & Pure: DIY Beauty Balms, & Cleanser Recipes

Fresh & Pure: DIY Beauty Balms, & Cleanser Recipes

Hello┬álovelies! I finally kicked my naughty habit of zoning out while endlessly scrolling on my phone during breaks at the office. I never get anything done, and considering I’m typing on a computer my entire shift it’d be beneficial to get away from a screen […]

August book list

Hello Lovelies!The first of the month has come and passed (whoops!), so here’s my monthly book roundup! Lovely Complex by Aya KannoI’m now on volume five of the series, and still having just as much fun reading them, in this volume Risa and her gang […]

June & July book list

Hello Lovelies! Somehow I totally forgot to write up a post on my June reads so I’ll be throwing those in along with all the stuff I read in July! Otomen by Aya Kanno I recently got back into reading manga, I don’t really have […]

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