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Gel Nails for Dummies 2

How to DIY Gel Nails at Home

Hello lovelies! I’ve been painting gel nails at home for over five years and after seeing all of your comments on my DIY gel nail kit giveaway, I realized that a surprising amount of people...

coffee scrub recipe 5

DIY Coffee Body Scrub

Hello lovelies! I just reviewed the DIY beauty book Fresh & Pure by Jules Aron, and as promised I’m dishing all the details on my first creation using one of the recipes. I’m a coffee...

Gel Nail Polish Giveaway 11

DIY gel nail kit giveaway

Hey Y’all! I’ve been itching to put together a beginner’s gel nail kit giveaway for ages. I’m known around my office as the lady with a different eye-catching nail art design every other day...


Lazy & Easy Gudetama Peeling Face Mask

  Hi there! I’ve once again fallen prey to cute packaging, but I think I’ve found a real gem here! This is the Lazy & Easy Gudetama Peeling Mask. It’s from the Korean beauty brand Holika Holika. Sanrio...

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