Born Pretty Clear Jelly Stamper First Impressions

Good morning lovelies!

I finally got my hands on a clear jelly stamper! I dearly love Born Pretty and they have great stuff for super cheap, but man their shipping is slow… especially when it’s something like this that had me counting the days till it got here!
I made a quick video to show my first time using it, so you lovelies can get a feel for how useful being able to see down the barrel is. It stamped perfectly without any priming, and as you can see in the video I chose a very intricate image (it ended up being so delicate it hardly showed up on my nail, but whatev). You also get a sneak peek of my One Punch Man nails, keep an eye out for the full rundown post in a couple days!

Are any of you lovelies planning on snagging one of these? Or if you have already tried it out I’d love to hear your take! Here’s the link to this one,  and this code is good for 10% off anything on Born Pretty: ALBK31

Pop over again tomorrow!

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