Born Pretty Beauty Haul

Morning all!

I’ve been saving up my points on Born Pretty and I was able to get this tiny makeup haul!
Because everything is so cheap on Born Pretty I don’t feel as guilty about buying stuff just because of pretty packaging, so this time I splurged and picked out stuff solely for cute containers.

First up is Mivagirl kiss kiss velvet Color Blusher in #3, it’s super pigmented and blends easily, and has a light shimmer. The compact opens up to reveal a mirror and mini brush, I didn’t realize it opened up like that so it was quite a surprise when I first opened it!

Next is up Tomato Girl Highlighter in 2#, this is a pearly pink liquid highlighter, it comes in a glass bottle with a bristle brush, and peculiarly enough it actually smells faintly of tomatoes!

Tomato Girl blended and unblended

And last but not least I snagged the Love Alpha Frozen Eye Color in 8#.
This is a super light gel, the best way I can think to describe the consistency is if you mixed Vaseline and eyeshadow?
It’s not pigmented enough to use as an eye liner, so I like to use it as a base to add a touch of shimmer to whatever eye look I’m going for. If you decide to snag any of these for yourselves, this code is good for 10% anything on Born Pretty: ALKB31

Left is the Mivagirl blush right is Love Alpha Eye Color

Pop by again sometime!

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