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Stash List & Swatch Archives

This is a list of all the polishes I currently own, I’m going to be updating the list every time I add to the ever growing stash, so I’ll try my best to keep it current! I’ve linked most of the polishes to either a swatch, or a nail art design where that particular polish was the base color. If you see one that’s not linked to anything, and you’d like to see a swatch, just comment and I’ll swatch it up! Same thing if you have questions about if it’s good for stamping, how fast it dries, how many coats, etc. I want to actually put my stash to good use for the blog, so even if you think it’s a silly question, go ahead and ask it anyway!

2012 Innocence   white-crackle

Above The Curve Happy Holidays  orange-pumpkin-shimmer

Black Heart Beauty holo lv stck black-glitter-shimmer-gray

Black Heart Beauty Prison Riot  glow in the dark-orange-neon (either I got a bad bottle or this polish is horrific, too bad to swatch)
Blackheart Beauty Blue Green Splatter glitter topper-green-black-blue

China Glaze Seashell creme-pink

China Glaze Daisy Know My Name yellow-neon
China Glaze Def Defying creme-green
China Glaze Cracked Medallion crackle-gold-shimmer
China Glaze In A Lily Bit pink-creme-pastel
China Glaze Japanese Koi orange-neon-creme 3 coats
China Glaze Unplugged shimmer-copper-brown
China Glaze Heaven pink-shimmer
China Glaze Sunset Sail peach-nude-shimmer
China Glaze Sun Worshipper yellow-creme-neon
China Glaze Rare & Radiant green-gold-shimmer-duochrome
China Glaze Lighthouse gold-shimmer
China Glaze Liquid Crystal glitter bomb-blue-shimmer-silver 3 Coats
China Glaze Splish Splash blue-shimmer
China Glaze Frostbite blue-frosted
China Glaze Platinum Silver silver-gray-shimmer-frosted
China Glaze Princess Grace pink-frosted
China Glaze Lubu Heels red-black-shimmer-glitter
China Glaze First Mate blue-dark-creme 1 coat good for stamping
China Glaze Life Preserver orange-pumpkin-creme
China Glaze Strawberry Fields pink-shimmer-gold-

Color Club By Design creme-purple-dark

Color Club Age Of Aquarius creme-light blue
Color Club First Looks navy blue-shimmer
Color Club Cosmic Fate holographic-pink-rose 2 Coats
Color Club Reddy Or Not creme-red-bright 1 Coat
Color Club Petite Mint-Sieur pastel-creme-mint-green 3 Coats
Color Club Go-Go Green glitter topper- white- blue-green-hex glitter
Color Club Fame & Fortune pink-jelly-holographic-shard glitter- glitter topper 1 Coat for topper and 3 by itself

Color Club Savoy Nights jelly-silver-blue-glitter bomb- sheer-glitter topper
Color Club Cloud Nine holographic-pink-pale-purple 2 Coats
Color Club Glitter Envy green-glitter-creme-neon 2 Coats
Color Club Tru Passion purple-glitter-clear base- topper-silver glitter
Color Club Pucci-Licious purple-creme-dusty-1 to 2 Coats
Color Club Right On hot pink-shimmer
Color Club Chelsea Girl cobalt blue-creme
Color Club Over The Moon blue-holographic 2 coats
Color Club Eternal Beauty purple-holographic
Color Club Beyond black-holographic
Color Club Platinum Record silver-black-glitter-topper-clear base
Color Club Wish Upon A Rock Star glitter-topper-clear base-red-green-blue-silver
Color Club Backstage Pass pink-purple-silver-glitter-clear base-topper
Color Club Gold Glitter gold-fine glitter-topper
Color Club Macaroon Swoon yellow-creme-pastel 3 Coats
Color Club Twiggie green-creme 2 Coats
Color Club For You crelly-white-multicolor hex glitter 3 Coats

Color Fever petites Vintage Gray creme-gray-neutral

Color Fever petites Seashell creme-pink
Color Fever petites Potion shimmer-purple

Color Mates Metallic Venom purple-shimmer

Color Mates Karen’s Got A Gun dark green-creme
Color Mates Little Blue Box light blue-creme
Color Mates Winey The Pooh burgundy-shimmer
Color Mates Fuchsia Flash purple-shimmer
Color Mates Nail Art Black black-creme-nail art liner
Color Mates Nail Art Hot Pink pink-shimmer-nail art liner
Color Mates Nail Art Bold Yellow creme-yellow-nail art liner
Color Mates Nail Art Tangerine creme-orange-nail art liner
Color Mates Nail Art Teal blue-shimmer-nail art liner
Color Mates Nail Art Lime light green-creme-nail art liner
Color Mates Nail Art Red Shimmer red-shimmer-nail art liner

Covergirl Outlast stay brilliant glosstinis Violet Flicker purple-blue-shimmer

Covergirl Outlast stay brilliant glosstinis Inferno orange-red-shimmer

Crayola Pacific Blue blue-silver-glitter topper-holo

Crayola Tickle Me Pink pink-silver-glitter topper-holo
Crayola Sea Green green-silver-glitter topper
Crayola Wisteria purple-bar glitter-glitter topper-holo
Crayola Silver Sparks silver-holo-glitter topper

CQ Golden Green green-shimmer

Delish Polish Freak Show Spectacle
Delish Polish The Supreme
Delish Polish Bitchcraft

e.l.f Smokin Hot red-creme

e.l.f Purple Dream purple-shimmer
e.l.f Desert Haze mocha-creme-neutral
e.l.f Gold Star gold-silver-glitter topper-hex glitter
e.l.f Mango Madness orange-creme
e.lf Thunderstorm gray-creme
e.l.f Cranberry red-shimmer
e.l.f Pot Of Gold gold-shimmer good for stamping
e.l.f Gina Girl purple-jelly-glitter-hex glitter
e.l.f Mod Mauve dusty purple-creme
e.l.f Coral Dream orange-creme
e.l.f Sea Escape blue-black-shimmer
e.l.f Mint Cream blue-creme
e.l.f Nude pink-creme-neutral
e.l.f Smoky Brown brown-creme
e.l.f Bubblegum Pink pink-creme

EN-VY Blue My Mind blue-shimmer

EN-VY Funny Bunny sheer-white-shimmer

Elle 18 nail pops 53 blue-creme

Elle 18 nail pops 19 copper-shimmer

Essie Ballet Slippers creme-pink-nude 3 Coats

Essie Mint Candy Apple blue-pastel-creme
Essie A Crewed Interest pink-creme-pastel

Essence Colour & Go Modern Romance pink-shimmery creme 2 Coats

Essence Colour & Go Peach & Cream pink-creme-nude 2 Coats
Essence Colour & Go Little Miss Sunrise yellow-creme 2 Coats
Essence Colour & Go You Wow’d Me Again duochrome-blue-purple
Essence Colour & Go Break Through creme-purple

Finger Paints Tails Of Love blue-shimmery-texture

Finger Paints Hue Brighten My Day 3 Coatsshimmer-glitter bomb-green-dark

Forever 21 Lavender Glitter

Hard Candy Peach Pop orange-red-glitter-hex glitter-creme

Hard Candy Sweet Tooth light blue-hex glitter-creme
Hard Candy Pop Rocker bar glitter- hex glitter-red-white-black-glitter topper

INM Out The Door Top Coat clear coat- slightly smeary but not bad-fast dry

Indigo Bananas Land Before Swine green-flakie-crelly

Jesse’s Girl Center Stage dark red-creme

Jesse’s Girl Running Wild dusty red-creme

Jordana Boy Oh Boy blue-creme 2 Coats

KB Shimmer Daisy About You crelly-green-pastel-purple-white- glitter 3 coats

Kleancolor Boogie Nights orange-shimmer

Kleancolor Silver Purple purple-shimmer
Kleancolor Midnight Queen dark blue-shimmer

L.A Colors Color Craze Gel Extreme Shine Daring blue-creme-gel finish 1 coats great for stamping

L.A Colors Color Craze Cutie purple-crelly-purple star glitter- white and blue hex glitter-micro white glitters
L.A Colors Color Craze Hottie neon-coral-creme 2 Coats
L.A Colors Color Craze Seashell yellow-creme 3 Coats
L.A Colors Color Craze Static Electricity blue-creme 2 Coats
L.A Colors Color Craze  Radiation blue-shimmer 3 Coats
L.A Colors Color Craze Confetti glitter topper-red-blue-silver-hex glitter
L.A Colors Color Craze Tropical Breeze purple-creme 2 Coats
L.A Colors Color Craze Jewel Tone purple-blue-glitter topper
L.A Colors Color Craze Fruity glitter topper-yellow-pink-green
L.A Colors Color Craze Candy Sprinkles creme-glitter-pink-green-red
L.A Colors Color Craze Fuel shimmer-hot pink 2 Coats
L.A Colors Color Craze Nuclear Energy dark purple-creme 2 Coats
L.A Colors Color Craze Current green-shimmer 3 Coats
L.A Colors Color Craze Sea Siren blue-shimmer 2 Coats
L.A Colors Color Craze Cutie crelly-purple-glitter
L.A Colors Art Deco Bright Green green-creme-nail art liner
L.A Colors Art Deco Bright Orange orange-creme-nail art liner
L.A Colors Art Deco Magenta purple-shimmery creme-nail art liner
L.A Colors Art Deco Mint Green green-creme-nail art liner
L.A Colors Art Deco Black Sparkles black-glitter-nail art liner
L.A Colors Art Deco Baby Pink creme-pink-nail art liner
L.A Colors Art Deco Gold Glitter glitter-gold-nail art liner
L.A Colors Art Deco Yellow yellow-creme-nail art liner
L.A Colors Art Deco Green Glitter green-glitter-nail art liner
L.A Colors Art Deco Sea Foam Green green-mint-shimmer-nail art liner
L.A Colors Art Deco Silver Glitter glitter-silver-nail art liner
L.A Colors Art Deco Dark Blue blue-shimmer-nail art liner
L.A Colors Art Deco Black black-nail art liner-creme
L.A Colors Art Deco Metallic Pink pink-shimmer-nail art liner

L.A Girl Disco Brites Light Show orange-creme-black light 2 Coats

L.A Splash Cosmetics Love Crush pink-glitter-glitter topper-jelly-sheer

Lakme True Wear Twilight Mauve purple-shimmer 2 Coats

Lakme Color Crush 03 light blue-shimmer 2 Coats
Lakme Fast and Fabulous 40″ Gold Caramel gold-shimmer 2 Coats

L’oreal Indigo Classic texture-dark blue 2 Coats

Lotus Herbals Colour Dew Gold Mist gold-shimmer 2 Coats

Lotus Herbals Colour Dew Deep Sea light blue-creme 2 Coats
Lotus Herbals Colour Dew Pink Lustre hot pink-shimmer 2 Coats
Lotus Herbals Colour Dew Copper Gold copper-shimmer-metallic 2 Coats

Maybelline Color Show Beaming Blue shimmer-glitter-blue
Maybelline Color Show Cool Canary nude-pastel,creme-yellow-bleached 3 coats
Maybelline Color Show Crushed Crimson red-shimmer-glitter
Maybelline Color Show Silver Stunner silver-crackle

Milani Just Peachy jelly-sheer-pink-orange

Model’s Own Magpie Green creme-black-glitter

Nicole by OPI Sweet Dream glitter topper-hex glitter- blue-silver

Nina Ultra Pro Gladiator gold-shimmer

Nina Ultra Pro Purple Xing shimmer-purple-glitter

NYC In A New York Color Minute Water Street Blue blue-creme 2 Coats

NYC In A New York Color Minute Mint’ed On Broadway mint-blue-creme
NYC In A New York Color Minute Lexington Yellow creme-yellow 2 Coats
NYC In A New York Color Minute MoMa purple-creme 2 Coats
NYC In A New York Color Minute Heat Wave orange-creme 2 Coats
NYC In A New York Color Minute Sidewalkers gray-creme 2 Coats
NYC In A New York Color Minute Robins Egg Blue blue-mint-creme 3 Coats
NYC In A New York Color Minute Flat Iron Green dark green-creme 3 Coats
NYC Matte Me Crazy matte-topcoat
NYC In A New York Color Minute Fruit Punch red-shimmer
NYC Shimmer Blast Sweet Candy shimmer-glitter top coat
NYC In A New York Color Minute Sparkling Top Coat shimmer-purple-red-blue
NYC Plaza Plumberry dark purple-creme
NYC Cashmere Cream mint blue-frost
NYC Broadway Burgundy Frost red-shimmer
NYC Kisses sheer-pink-creme-shimmer
NYC Black Lace Creme black-creme 3 Coats
NYC Top Of The Gold Top Coat gold-glitter-topper

OPI Alpine Snow white-creme 1 coat
OPI Viking In A Vinter Vonderland dark purple-creme 2 Coats SWATCH 2
OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts gray-creme 2 Coats
OPI Oy-Another Polish Joke gold-shimmer 2 Coats

OPI Big Apple Red red-creme

Orly Ever Burgundy red-shimmer 2 Coats
Orly Star Of Bombay dark navy blue-creme 2 Coats good for stamping
Orly Razzle raspberry-shimmer 2 Coats good for stamping

Pure Ice Doll Face
Pure Ice Oui Oui 

Pure Ice A-list light blue-frost-metallic 2 Coats

Pure Ice Free Spirit light green-shimmer-creme 2 Coats
Pure Ice Scandal dark purple-creme 2 Coats
Pure Ice French Kiss dark blue-creme 2 Coats good for stamping
Pure Ice Home Run mint green-creme 2 Coats
Pure Ice Cheatin purple-blue-sheer black base-glitter topper
Pure Ice Purple Haze jelly-glitter topper-purple-sheer

Pure Ice Dollface orange-creme-pastel 3coats

Picture Polish Frosting by Cosmetic Cupcake creme-glitter bomb-pink-purple glitter 3 Coats

Poppy Lipstick And Heels purple-creme
Poppy Pinup Girl red-creme
Poppy Dear Evelyn blue-shimmer
Poppy Happy Place blue-creme-pastel

Powder Perfect Bay of Alexandria glitter bomb-teal-shimmer-sugar finish 2 coats

Revlon Whimsical sheer blue base-pink-blue-glitter topper

Revlon Zealous sheer-yellow-pink shimmer
Revlon Urban dark blue-creme
Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy Queen Of Hearts crelly-red 3 Coats
Revlon Colorstay Rainforest dark green-shimmer-glitter 2 Coats favorite
Revlon Colorstay Seashell light pink-neutral-sheer-creme 4 Coats
Revlon Parfumerie Wintermint scented-green-mint-glitter-

Revlon Parfumerie Pink Pineapple pink-scented-creme-pastel 2 Coats
Revlon Parfumerie Italian Leather
gray-brown-scented-creme 2 Coats
Revlon Parfumerie Autumn Spice brown-orange-shimmer-scented
Revlon Parfumerie Bordeaux red-scented-wine-creme
Revlon Parfumerie Beachy gold-shimmer-scented  2 Coats
Revlon Parfumerie Wild Violets purple-dark-creme-scented
Revlon Heavenly glitter topper-holographic-square glitter-hex glitter- blue-sheer-milky white

Revlon Top Speed Cloud pastel-purple-creme-2 coats

Rimmel London Camouflage dark green-shimmer 2 Coats quick dry good for stamping

Rimmel London Sweetie Crush Candyfloss Cutie baby pink-shimmer-texture 2 Coats

Rue Beaute layered polish blue-green-yellow-layered-creme-matte 2 Coats

Rue Beaute layered polish purple-pink-matte-creme 2 Coats
Rue Beaute Candy Confetti 070 neon-yellow-blue glitter-creme 3 Coats
Rue Beaute Pink Ice 031 light blue-creme-black glitter 2 Coats

Salon Perfect Mer-Made of Money blue creme neon 2 coats
Salon Perfect Loopy Lime green-neon-creme 2 coats
Salon Perfect Oh Snap! pink-neon-creme 2 Coats

Sally Girl Brainy light blue-shimmer-blue & silver glitter 3  Coats dupe for Debborah Lippman Mermaid’s Dream

Sally Hansen InstaDri Jumpin’ Jade dark green-shimmer 2 Coats

Sally Hansen Jade Jump green-creme-2 coats-pastel
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Pink Promise baby pink-sheer-glitter-shimmer 4 Coats
Sally Hansen No Chip 10 Day Nail Color Surely Ivory beige-creme-sheer-ish 3 Coats
Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat Distressed Denim navy blue-crackle
Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Wool Lite baby pink-fuzzy-bar glitter-glitter topper
Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Fuzz-Sea blue-yellow-fuzzy-bar glitter-glitter topper
Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Bubble Plum light purple-texture 2 Coats
Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Cotton Candies bubblegum pink-texture 2 Coats
Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Pink Sprinkle raspberry-shimmer-glitter-texture 2 Coats favorite
Sally Hansen Sugar Coat Razzleberry blue-texture 2 Coats
Sally Hansen Insta-Dry Petal Pusher pink-creme-pastel 2 Coats Matte Swatch

Sephora by OPI Lights, Glammer-a, Action! blue & silver glitter-glitter topper

Sephora by OPI Blasted Black crackle-black
Sephora by OPI Glisten To Your Heart purple glitter-glitter topper
Sephora by OPI Flurry Up! silver glitter topper
Sephora X Hypnotic purple-shimmer-gold flecks- duochrome- 2 coats

Sinful Colors Daddy’s Girl purple-glitter-sheer-jelly 3 Coats

Sinful Colors Nail Junkie glitter bomb-blue-teal-hex glitter 3 coats
Sinful Colors Starry Night black-crelly-glitter-holographic-gold glitter 3 Coats
Sinful Colors Nail Art A Slice To Go nail art liner-pink-shimmer
Sinful Colors Black On Black black-creme 2 Coats
Sinful Colors Snow Me White white-creme 2 Coats

Sinful Colors Prosecco gray- gold shimmer-creme
Sinful Colors Cinderella creme-pastel-shimmer-blue-pink shimmer 3 Coats

Starrily Poisoned Apple holographic-pink-purple
Starrily Gumballs circle glitter-orange-green-pink-blue-purple-yellow-topper-clear base

Spoiled Plastic Flamingo 2 coats-pink-creme

The Color Workshop Lavender purple-blue-glitter topper

The Color Workshop Forest dark green-shimmer 2 Coats
The Color Workshop Gold Rush gold-shimmer 3 Coats
The Color Workshop Hallucination holographic-glitter topper
The Color Workshop Nocturnal black creme-glitter bomb-blue glitter
The Color Workshop Bijou Blue blue-shimmer 2 Coats
The Color Workshop Sweet Glaze sheer pink-creme
The Color Workshop Wild Card rose pink-shimmer
The Color Workshop Jade light green-shimmer
The Color Workshop Dream World sheer-pink-holographic glitter
The Color Workshop Sugar raspberry-shimmer
The Color Workshop Gold Digger gold glitter topper
The Color Workshop Sunny Side Up yellow-shimmer
The Color Workshop Blue Moon purple-shimmer
The Color Workshop Lady Luck red-creme
The Color Workshop Iced Out white-shimmer

Ulta Let The Flames Begin red-creme 2 Coats

Ulta Dance Teal Dawn blue-shimmer 2 Coats
Ulta Popping Bottles sheer black base-gold glitter-jelly 3 Coats
Ulta Sparks Fly purple-glitter-sheer-jelly
Ulta Cosmic Love sheer black base-blue-glitter-jelly 3 Coats
Ulta Holiday Mixer purple sheer base-glitter bomb 3 Coats
Ulta Oh! orange-shimmer-sheer 4 CoatsUlta Sunset Bronze pink-shimmer 2coats

Wet n Wild Yo Soy creme-beige-pastel 2 Coats
Wet n Wild Wild Shine Black Creme black-creme 2 Coats good for stamping

Wet n Wild Wild Shine Sparked pink micro glitter-glitter topper
Wet n Wild Wild Shine Tickled Pink baby pink-creme 2 Coats
Wet n Wild Wild Shine Blazed coral-orange-creme 2 Coats
Wet n Wild Wild Shine Lavender Pearlescent pink-shimmer 2 Coats
Wet n Wild Wild Shine Wild Card purple-shimmer-frost 3 Coats
Wet n Wild Wild Shine Red Red red-creme 2 Coats
Wet n Wild Wild Shine Blue Moon blue-shimmer 2 Coats favorite
Wet n Wild Wild Shine Bijou Blue blue-shimmer 2 Coats
Wet n Wild Wild Shine Jezebel red-shimmer 2 Coats
Wet n Wild Wild Shine Metallic silver-shimmer-metallic 2 Coats
Wet n Wild Wild Shine Sunny Side Up orange-creme 2 Coats
Wet n Wild Wild Shine Caribbean Frost green blue-shimmer 2 Coats
Wet n Wild Megalast Candy-licious bubblegum pink-creme 2 Coats
Wet n Wild Megalast Candid Affair purple-shimmer 2 Coats
Wet n Wild Megalast Toxic Apple deep purple-shimmer 2 Coats favorite
Wet n Wild Megalast I Need A Refresh-mint mint blue-creme 2 Coats
Wet n Wild Megalast Disturbia purple-shimmer 2 Coats
Wet n Wild Megalast Violet Attack blue-shimmer 2 Coats good for stamping
Wet n Wild Megalast Sugar Coat sheer-pink-creme-neutral favorite
Wet n Wild Fast Dry Teal Of Fortune blue-shimmer-crelly 3 Coats
Wet n Wild Fast Dry Sage In The City green-shimmer 2 Coats
Wet n Wild Fast Dry Buffy The Violet Slayer purple-shimmer 2 Coats
Wet n Wild Fast Dry The Gold And The Beautiful gold-shimmer-glitter 4 Coats
Wet n Wild Fast Dry Party Of Five Glitters glitter topper-red-green-blue-silver
Wet n Wild Fast Dry How I Met Your Magenta hot pink-shimmer 3 Coats
Wet n Wild Fast Dry Gray’s Anatomy gray-duochrome 2 Coats
Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Creepy Pumpkin orange-sheer-glitter 3 Coats
Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers Once Upon A Time sheer black base-red glitter-crelly 3 Coats
Wet n Wild Fergie Ferga-colada yellow-creme 2 Coats

Zoya Giovanna green blue-satin 2 Coats
Zoya Jules
Zoya Hazel shimmer-silver-green
Zoya Maria Luisa gold-flakies
Zoya Haven purple-shimmer
Zoya Stassi green-glitter bomb-shimmer 3 Coats