Behind the scenes: How I edit nail art pictures, videos, and how I put together posts

Morning all~

Today I’ve got a quick rundown on how I put together my posts, edit pictures, and videos. If I missed anything, just leave a comment and ask away!

I don’t make videos very often, because compared to a picture tutorial they’re a major pain, but when I do get around to making one, I use Lightworks for editing, it’s free and has some great features. You have to renew the 7 day license to keep using it which is a tad annoying, but still better than paying 30$+ for an alternate program. For voiceovers I use this online recorder and my laptop’s mic, but the new headphones that Mixder sent over have a mic so I might give that a whirl.

Photo editing
I primarily use Picsart nowadays, mostly for cuticle watermarks like the one below and color correction, they also have some pretty useful text tools. I use Picasa to upload and crop pictures, and then I’ve downloaded Bluestacks to be able to use photo editing apps like Picsart on my laptop. My main camera is a Nikon 5200 with a 18-55 lens, I recently got it after my Panasonic point and shoot went on strike and stopped zooming.

Staying Inspired
I follow quite the array of nail artists on Instagram so I rarely hit a nail art block, but on the rare occasion I do, I’ll troll tumblr or my polish groups on FB like Polishaholics Anonymous or Nail Nuts United. I work full time mon-fri so I try to schedule posts in advance over the weekend, but it doesn’t always work out that way. I get home past ten at night so any writing would not be particularly legible, so I do try my best to at least get caught up in the mornings.

I like to either listen to playlists on 8tracks or watch Netflix while typing and painting, and lately I’m always wearing my newghost headphones (I’m wearing them in the pic at the top), Mixder was kind enough to mail them over for me to use. They’re bluetooth so I can wander around the house while I’m waiting for things to dry or take pictures without worrying about being attached by a cord to my laptop. I just finished off the latest season of OITNB so I’ll have to find a new show, I’ve run out of dubbed anime, and it’s difficult to read subtitles while painting, so I’ll need to find something in English, wish me luck!

Pop by again sometime~

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