As seen on tv Air Curler review

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I found this peculiar product a couple days ago for a dollar, since it’s an as seen on tv product I’m assuming it didn’t do too well if it ended up at the Dollar Tree.
It looked too weird to pass up, so I risked it eating my hair, tried it out, and I’m still here to tell the tale!

This is everything that comes in the box, it has some instructions but it’s mostly just warnings about not using high heat as it might hurt the plastic. It comes with a little rubber ring to use if the nozzle is too big for your hair dryer, mine was so I used it and it was still a little loose.

First time around I tried it with slightly damp hair like the box said, and it did make a couple twirly curls, but they fell right out. I have super thick hair so I knew trying this with actually wet hair was totally out of the question.

With damp hair

Second time around, I tried spritzing small sections of hair with hairspray and then putting them in the air curler, it did help a bit and gave me more results, but still nothing I would call a curl. The aircurler whips your hair around in a cotton candy like manner, I used it for about 20 seconds on each portion of hair. 
Maybe this would work better with thinner hair, my thick hair won’t hold a curl with a regular curler as it is. It was fun to use though, I’ve never seen anything like it before!

with hair spray

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