Alarming burrito pillow adventure

 Hello Lovelies!

You’d think that getting a pillow in the mail shouldn’t be that hard right? Well, I was offered the chance to review this pillow by Original Bamboo and it turned into quite the process…
First off, when I unwrapped the box it shipped in, the pillow was rolled as tight as can be, like a burrito, and I had to fight it just the spring the thing from it’s plastic wrapping death grip.
Then when I unrolled it, it looked like a sad taco, as you can see above. It came with a little paper that said “Don’t be alarmed by the flatness and hardness of the pillow”, so I suppose some people before me were surprised by the weird shape as well.
While I was puzzling out what to do with this thing, it “inflated” a bit, and uncurled too, but was still super flat. I finally noticed that the little paper also said to go to their website for further instructions on how to prepare the pillow (but really, I had to go to a website to find out how to use a pillow?!).
Turns out, you just take the case off and throw it in your dryer on low for 30-ish minutes, and it turns into a huge poofy thing.
It still feels a little hard for my liking, but this strange process was amusing to me, and thought you lovelies might get a laugh out of it!

See you later~

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