Aiyoohehe The Hayao Miyazaki Collection: The Cat Returns

Hello Lovelies!

I haven’t been this excited since I found Lucky 13 Lacquer’s Labyrinth polishes! Aiyoohehe came out with an entire collection of Studio Ghibli stamping plates! Eeeeeeee!
I bought five plates, and they threw in an extra for me, so I decided to do a series of reviews on each plate.
First up to plate (heheh, get it?), is hehe 070, The Cat Returns!

I wanted to test out all the images, so you’re seeing both hands today! I was blown away by how great of a stamp I got from these, even the Baron’s whiskers picked up! Haru looks wonderful too, but I’m just loving all the details on the Baron.

As you can see, I tried stamping the Baron in white on this hand, and it didn’t go so well. But I’m going to blame the polish, Sinful Colors Snow Me White isn’t a very opaque stamping polish. The cat next to the Baron is Muta, I tried using a light yellow but the polish was too sheer. The plates are etched nice and deep, so I think I was just having polish problems. 

There’s even a little cat stampede! I wish they had included an image of the King, but this was quite a spread to fit all onto one plate! I stamped all of these over a base of OPI French Quarter For Your Thoughts.

See you later!

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