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Month: September 2016

What’s the story, morning glory?

listening to: Cheap Thrillswatching: Stranger Things, Log Horizon, Bleacheating: sugar cookiesdrinking: black teabuying: some new pinstripe shortsliking: this coconut soap, it smells awesome!finding: more cute skirts I need in my closetwanting: this winged backpackon my nails: Sally Hansen Petal Pusherwearing: sweaters 24/7looking forward to: Octoberplanning […]

What’s up buttercup?

listening to: Gasoline by Halseywatching: Stranger Thingseating: cheddar bacon fries from Carls Jrdrinking: dr pepperbuying: a new phone finally! (Moto X Pure if anyone cares)liking: that it’s cooling off a bitfinding: no time to catch up on tv 🙁wanting: ^more time lolon my nails: floral […]

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