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Month: January 2016

Swatch Sunday: Blackheart Beauty Blue Green Splatter

Hello Lovelies!I love BlackHeart Beauty polishes, but the names are so hard to make out! They seem to abbreviate them in the weirdest ways possible, it’s like trying to read those grocery store signs where they’ve ran out of letters and are using as few […]

Pure Ice Home Run

Hello Lovelies!I don’t think I’ve fully expressed my love of Pure Ice’s creme polishes here on the blog, they’re all so consistently awesome! I need to get a new bottle of French Kiss, I used to use it in sooo many designs. Pure Ice’s cremes […]

Mint Haired Ladies

Hello Lovelies!

I got a couple requests to do some reverse stamping/stamping decals when I asked for suggestions in my giveaway post *hint there’s only a couple days left to enter hint* . This is actually only my second attempt at decals, and I’m not sure if it turned out better than the first, what do you guys think?
I chose a more complex image to fill in this time, but my execution lacked finesse. For some reason when I popped the images off the stamper they curled in on themselves? And then I was dumb and used cheap topcoat that made my images smear….
My mint haired gal came from the St. Merry by Gogo Only plate, and the latter came from BP-L008

Polishes used:
Pure Ice Home Run
Ulta Oh!
Pure Ice Dollface
Spoiled Cotton Mouth
Drenched in Lacquer Blue Moon
e.l.f Smoky Brown
The Color Workshop Gold Rush

See you later~

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Frosty Mint Geometric with BP-L008

Hello Lovelies!I just refreshed my nail shape, and I’m really loving the crisp corners of my coffins, but I keep snagging them on things 🙁 And I think I’ve gotten the swing of taking pics of my cinderella hand, no more strange claw poses here! This […]

I ditched all my moisturizers for this one little bottle?!

Hello Lovelies!Alright I haven’t quite gotten rid of *all* my moisturizers, but I’ve come pretty dang close! I’ve been reading rave reviews of jojoba oil for months on end, but I only got my hands on some a couple weeks ago, and I’m kicking myself […]

Swatch Sunday: Ulta Oh!

Hello Lovelies!

This polish has been in my to-swatch pile for eons, I got it ages ago during one of Ulta’s buy two get two sales in November. This is Ulta Oh!, it’s a sheer pastel peach with a golden shimmer finish, and it took four coats to get it opaque enough for my taste. It has a pretty quick drytime though, so those four coats didn’t bother me.
These swatches are with shiny topcoat. The formula’s sheerness is the only downer, otherwise it’s a stellar polish!

See you later~

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The mani who wouldn’t die

Hello Lovelies!Can I just say first off, this mani tried soooo hard to self destruct, over, and over, and over. First I smudged my base two or three times, I somehow forgot how to stamp properly, the images were only transferring halfway onto the nail, […]

Heavenly Kaleidoscopes

Hello Lovelies!I’ve concocted a glittery color shifting kaleidoscope of a mani! This stamping image comes from BP-L003; it strongly reminds me of the shifting spirals of a moving kaleidoscope, so I used an iridescent glitter underneath the stamping to really make that trait stand out! My […]

Stamped Cathedral Windows

Hello Lovelies!

I’ve been playing around with some new stamping plates I got over the holidays, and I created this cathedral window inspired design with BP-L 003. I started these off with three coats of Formula X Beacon, and then I stamped with Pure Ice Home Run. I actually didn’t use INM Out The Door for once, I used a dollar tree topcoat called Miracle Nail, and it somehow didn’t smear my stamping which I was very impressed by!

See you later~

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Swatch Sunday: Formula X Beacon

Hello Lovelies!I’m swatching up Formula X Beacon for the first time today! This is actually my first time using the brand, Beacon was given to me as a Christmas present, and I’m finally getting around to trying it out~ Opacity: 3 Coats Dry time: 15 […]

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