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Month: June 2015

Swatch Sundays: Sinful Colors Petal Be The Day

Hello Lovelies! I’ve been looking for the Bloom Blast crellies for ages, I went through 4-5 walmarts before finding Petal Be The Day hiding on a back shelf by it’s lonesome.I had Color Club Pucci-Licious on my nails already, so I decided to do a […]

Better lock it in your pocket, taking this one to the grave

Hello Lovelies! I wore these nails ages ago to go with a 1920’s inspired outfit, the nails that women actually wore in the 1920’s were a bit too plain for my taste, so I went with this dusty golden design.This started with a base of […]

How I made a classic lolita dress for under 20 bucks!

Hello Lovelies! I decided to make a tutorial for the dress, but since I didn’t actually take any process photos, I threw together (emphasis on the thrown together) some diagrams and I’ll try to explain how this dress went down and how to re-create it […]

I made a classic Lolita dress!

Hello Lovelies! I fell in love with Lolita fashion a couple months ago, specifically this dress. And no, it’s not that kind of Lolita. Here’s a great blog post that explains the confusing name. Lolita is a very feminine, with lots of ruffles, heavily Victorian influenced, […]

Swatch Sundays: Sephora X Hypnotic

Hello Lovelies! I’ve seen the Sephora X polish line floating around re-sale stores for quite a while, and I finally picked this one up, it’s Sephora X Hypnotic! It’s a super subtle duochrome shimmer, it shifts from a muddy mauve to a shimmery lavender. It has […]

Pastel knitted stripes & BPS review

Hello Lovelies! I’ve actually never gotten around to using sticker decals like these before if you’d believe it! I was sent a pack of these decals from BPS to review, and I had a bit of trial and error with them. The little pack came […]

Blog makeover with nails to match!

Hello Lovelies! I had gotten tired of my old blog layout so I embarked on an entire overhaul of the blog, and I’m loving my new look! I thought it would be fitting if my first post after the makeover had nails in the new […]

Sunday Swatches: Maybelline Color Show Cool Canary

Hello Lovelies! Pastels are tricky creatures, I swear I’ve worn this polish before with just two coats, but when I swatched it today I was up to four and still patchy before I gave in. The flash in my pictures hides the patchy finish, in […]

In the springtime, the only pretty ring time

Hello Lovelies! I wanted to keep L.A Colors Color Craze Spring Flirt on for a bit longer, so I used it as a base for these cute 3D nail decorations I received from Born Pretty! These are interesting little flowers, they’re not hard plastic, they’re actually […]

Sunday Swatches: L.A Colors Color Craze Spring Flirt

Hello Lovelies! It seems like L.A Colors have really stepped up their game lately! Usually crellies from brands like this have horrible formulas, but I really love L.A Color’s, I’ve been meaning to pull out Candy Sprinkles again for some animal cracker nail art, but […]

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