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Year: 2014

Wet n Wild Prep & Prime Set review

Hello Lovelies! On my quest for cheap Christmas beauty clearance-ness, I found this Wet n Wild set that I’d never seen before. No it wasn’t on sale, but it was the next to last one and looked like something they’d just have for the holidays, […]

You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch

Hello Lovelies! First off, wow this polish is bright! And these pics were taken while it was very overcast so this doesn’t show the neon factor 100%.This is Color Club Glitter Envy, it’s a neon lime green creme with holographic micro glitters. This is two […]

Color Club Creme & Glitter Topper Swatches

Hello Lovelies!

I have a bunch of Color Club swatches for you today! Usually I’d start off with the cremes, but these glitters are just so gorgeous!

Go-Go Green is a glitter topper with white, lime green, and aqua hex glitters and aqua and lime green micro glitters. It’s packed with glitters so there is no fishing what so ever, this is one coat and I was trying to go a bit thin with it! Before top coat it’s a bit gritty, but it’s fine after.

This is Fame & Fortune! I layered it over a bright red creme so it’s hard to tell, but this is a berry pink jelly with holographic shard glitters. This is one coat, and I had to dab a bit to get the glitters where I wanted them. The glitters in this don’t want to lay flat so I have a couple places on my nail where it wants to snag on things, but I think if I was more persistent with my top coating it would be fine.

And now for the cremes! This is La Petite Mint-Sieur, isn’t that a cute name? It’s a very pale pastel pistachio green, and I love minty greens like this so I’m very fond of this one! This is three coats with no top coat.

I was happily surprised by this one! Reddy Or Not is a very bright firetruck red, and it’s a one coater! I haven’t had such a great one coater in forever, and plus when I cleaned up around my cuticles it didn’t bleed like bright reds tend to do. And it has a nice glossy finish so this would be a great polish if you’re just trying to do some quick nails before you head out. This is with no top coat.

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Blue to purple gradient with snowflakes

Hello Lovelies! Quick post today, I was in a purple mood the other day so I whipped up this pastel gradient and then freehanded some snowflakes on top! I started with a base of NYC In A New York Color Minute Robin’s Egg Blue, and […]

Polishes I’ve bought just because of the name

Hello Lovelies!A couple days ago Anna from Beauty by Shortylegs did a tag post about the polishes she’d bought purely because of the name, apparently this tag has been floating around on youtube and somehow I never saw it! Anyways I’ve got quite a few […]

Pastel flower silhouettes

Hello Lovelies!

I’ve had the idea for this mani knocking around in my brain for a couple days, and it actually turned out the way I pictured it!
Believe it or not there’s a gradient hiding in there, before I added the black detailing it was more apparent, but somehow the stripes hid it.

I think the curved stripes make my nails look really long, they are long to begin with, but the curves accentuate it nicely. I started with a base of Essie Ballet Slippers, and then I made the non-existent gradient with Wet n Wild Wild Shine Tickled Pink and Essence Colour & Go Modern Romance. The black is Sinful Colors Black On Black.

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Candy Cane Dipped French Tips

Hello Lovelies! I recently discovered how amazing candy canes + hot chocolate is, so I’ve tipped my nails with them as well! I started off with a base of Wet n Wild Megalast Sugar Coat and a coat of an unnamed holographic glitter topper from […]

Revlon Parfumerie Pink Pineapple & Italian Leather Swatches

Hello Lovelies!Walgreens has an awesome sale on Revlon nail polish right now, I was able to snag seven of the Parfumerie polishes for 99 cents each! These are my first scented nail polishes, so I swatched up two of them right away. This is Revlon […]

I’m going to hug him, and squeeze him, and call him George

Hello Lovelies!

I have an abominable tutorial for you today! Before you start wondering, no I didn’t cut my nails short, these are actually from last year and ended up not getting posted. I suppose these are vaguely Christmas themed, well at least wintery! I’ve always loved the abominable snowman from Looney Tunes so these nails were a ton of fun to do.

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A Fantastiversary!

Hello Lovelies! Aliquid Lacquer is having a contest for the anniversary of her indie polish brand, and this is my entry! The logo of the brand is a dog, so I stamped a little dog on my ring finger underneath a big number one, since […]

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