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Month: September 2013

Café Terrace At Night nail art

Hi guys! Today’s challenge is to do a mani inspired by a work of art, Vincent Van Gogh is my favorite artist so I immediately knew where I wanted to go with this.One of my favorites painting of his is  Café Terrace At Night, and […]

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s nail art!

Hi guys! Day five of the #31DC2013 is blue! I actually did these nails last week on a friend’s nails, she had found these two superman manis she really liked so I combined the best nails of each mani and this is what we ended […]

She likes my spark!

Hi guys!

Hey if I’m able to write two posts in one day before nine I must be doing something right, right?
Today’s theme in the Mish Mash challenge is hot! I’ve been watching a lot of Studio Ghibli films lately, so I thought a Calcifer mani would be perfect!
These nails partly inspired my nails of the day, and some googling of Howl’s cloak helped me out too!

I’m so happy with how Calcifer came out, he’s so cute! I layered red, orange, and yellow for the flames of his body, and then I layered dots of black and white to make his eyes.
The pattern on the rest of my nails is stamped and I freehanded the French tips.

Polishes I used:

Wet n wild clear nail protector,
N.Y.C in a new York color minute MoMa,
Orly star of Bombay,
Ulta let the flames begin,
Wet n wild fast dry ebony hates chris,
Wet n wild wild shine French white tip,
Essence colour & go little miss sunrise,
L.A colors art deco gold glitter,
a striping brush,
and a dotting tool.

Thanks for reading!

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Leibster award

Hi guys! I got tagged by Dream It Up Nails by Colleen for the Leibster award, and even though I’ve already received this award  in the past I wanted to answer all the questions she went to the trouble of thinking up. This award is to help you […]

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