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Year: 2013

Café Terrace At Night nail art

Hi guys! Today’s challenge is to do a mani inspired by a work of art, Vincent Van Gogh is my favorite artist so I immediately knew where I wanted to go with this.One of my favorites painting of his is  Café Terrace At Night, and […]

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s nail art!

Hi guys! Day five of the #31DC2013 is blue! I actually did these nails last week on a friend’s nails, she had found these two superman manis she really liked so I combined the best nails of each mani and this is what we ended […]

She likes my spark!

Hi guys! Hey if I’m able to write two posts in one day before nine I must be doing something right, right?Today’s theme in the Mish Mash challenge is hot! I’ve been watching a lot of Studio Ghibli films lately, so I thought a Calcifer mani […]

Leibster award

Hi guys! I got tagged by Dream It Up Nails by Colleen for the Leibster award, and even though I’ve already received this award  in the past I wanted to answer all the questions she went to the trouble of thinking up. This award is to help you […]

Guest post: Loz from Polish and Patterns

Hi everyone,I’m honored to be here doing this guest post for Alexandria while she’s away. When she first emailed me I was a little stumped as to what to do for her GEEK theme… decided on some pencil nail art! I went through my polishes […]

Guest post: Lacquered by Blue Vanilla

Hi guys! I’m actually relaxing at the coast right now with no internet, so I asked the talented Xin Yu from Lacquered by Blue Vanilla if she would want to write a guest post for me, and she came up with a terrifically geeky mani! So […]

Tut tut it looks like rain

Hi! We’re in the decades portion of the Llama nails time periods challenge! Today’s theme is the roaring 20s! I had a feeling absolutely everyone was going to do Great Gatsby nails, so I went in a totally different direction. It turns out the first […]

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