10 Ways to Dress Yourself in Nail Polish Head to Toe!

Morning all!

Obviously I’m not spending enough on actual polish, so I should branch off to also collecting polish inspired clothing right?
Some of these have been floating around my pinterest boards for ages, and then a couple are shirts I actually just came across while I was browsing Aliexpress this morning (they have some super cute makeup!).

1. I’m a Nail Clippin’… from Zazzle

2. All the finishes! from RedBubble

3. Keep Calm and Get a Mani from Zazzle


4. Only Helpess When My Nails Are Wet from StoreTees


5. Bottle Print from Aliexpress

6. Watch Me Clip, Watch Me Paint Paint from Etsy


7. Keep Calm & Nail It from Zazzle

8. My Favorite Color from Amazon

 9. Wake Up & Smell The Nail Polish from Zazzle

10. Black Makeup Print from Aliexpress

Pop by again sometime~

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